sure, we can make you a widget. If by “widget” you mean “a whole new business model that reduces operating costs, improves speed to market and increases market share.”

Flexible thinking

We’re not interested in just making you a widget and calling it a day. We solve big problems. Ugly problems. Company-crushing problems. And because every situation is unique, so are our solutions. We take a holistic view of your business and then apply all of our experience, know-how and stubbornness to your problem until it cries uncle.


Since 1955, we’ve been designing and manufacturing difficult high-precision parts for virtually every major industry. Our vast experience has enabled us to build a reputation not just as a premier rubber resource, but as a strategic partner that solves problems no one else will touch.


Quality: Meeting your expectations is not a worthy goal—we set out to exceed them in every way. We’re never satisfied: Based on your performance feedback, we make recommendations for adjustments to your quality criteria that allows for optimal product functionality

On-Time Delivery: From prototyping to production, we are meticulous in planning the manufacturing of your product to ensure it’s delivered to your dock according to schedule, without ever sacrificing one iota of quality.

Cost control: Ask any of our many robots how we’ve eliminated direct labor to increase efficiency and dramatically reduce costs. Throughout our company we employ state-of-the-art technology—from cloud Enterprise Resource Planning software to cutting-edge automated manufacturing, testing and inspection equipment—to reduce the considerable overhead that’s normally required to prototype and manufacture high-precision products.

BAND-AID solutions are fine, as long as you don’t mind a little infection, sepsis, gangrene, and eventual amputation.


We Support Your Strategic Goals: Where others see only a sapling, we see a forest. Rather than just selling you a part, we start by understanding your strategic goals in order to develop a holistic solution that serves your long-term vision. Our solutions frequently include the development of technology, processes, activities, services—even whole new ways of doing business.

Satisfy Your Customers’ Needs: Our flexible thinking extends to helping you increase your value to your customers. This produces product features and unique activities that differentiate you from your competition and give you a competitive advantage.

Win More Business: When you solve your customers’ problems and provide more feature-rich offerings, word gets around fast. The development of unique product features and services opens new market segments and sales opportunities that lead to greater market share.

Improve Speed To Market: Through our strategic alignment we can anticipate your needs and those of your customers. And by integrating and leveraging our strategic supplier network, you spend less time searching for solutions while enjoying faster delivery on new products and features. The result is greater revenue and faster return on your development investments.

Reduce Operating Costs: In addition to our services that can reduce transaction cost, inventory cost and supplier count, our strategically aligned, systemic solutions supported by unique activities frequently have significant cost benefits that go beyond the part price.

Breaking the mold.

Solving problems
with flexible thinking

Critical Performance Issues: You simply can’t afford to have a critical rubber component fail. That’s why we work so hard to understand all the complexities of your product needs before we engineer a unique, customized solution that takes into account any and all underlying problems and issues. So you can sleep easy knowing that every single component is made and inspected to precise standards that meet your critical performance requirements.

Extreme Environments: Your product and its components are exposed to some nasty, torturous conditions. But no matter how extreme the environment, we can engineer and produce components to withstand it. We use the most advanced materials and technology, but we also take the time and put in the effort to understand every nuance related to your product and its operating environment.

Simply put, you can’t afford down time. That’s why we engineer and manufacture components to the highest standard and provide continuous lot traceability on them.

Component design.

Application Environment: A critical first step for us is to learn everything possible about the chemical makeup of the product/component’s environment. Determining where and how the product/component will be used has a significant impact on the material and rubber chemistry we select. Our expertise with polymers, fillers, oils and curing systems then allows us to achieve market and product objectives within the constraints of the application environment.

Business and Market Strategy/Goals: Because we see the whole picture, we’re able to make decisions and choices during the design and engineering process that will result in a product/component that is consistent with your objectives.

Performance: We give you the best possible rubber chemistry and rubber component design and engineering to significantly improve your product’s performance while reducing your cost of goods.

Past Experience: Knowing what did or didn’t work with similar products/components in the past saves us time and money in the design process, while also opening up potential new avenues of discovery and investigation.

Performance Expectations and Specifications: At the beginning of a project, we’ll have you define and quantify the expected results to be produced by the product/component. That way our chemists and engineers can get to work developing a solution that exceeds those expectations.

We wouldn’t give a man stranded on a desert island a glass of water. We’d devise a way for him to make a desalination plant out of palm trees and sand.


We balance cost against product performance to create formulations that are optimized to meet your specific application. By using current instrumental analysis technology combined with the chemistry of the rubber component’s environment, we can quickly determine and optimize the formulation for your specific product to create a rubber compound that will perform optimally in those conditions.


Besides making great dinner guests, robots are the present and future of manufacturing. We reduce overhead costs and increase quality by using robotics and vision systems. Our state-of-the-art automation ensures that our processes are repeatable and your product is handled and manufactured in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.


This isn’t rocket science. It’s much more complicated. Manufacturing rubber components and designing the tools that build these products takes years of experience and training. We have a combined 50 years of engineering experience in tooling design and process manufacturing. That’s five decades of know-how ensuring that your exact specifications for rubber products are met. And by collaborating with our in-house chemists, our engineers can develop processes tailor-made for the type of polymer that your product requires.

Data systems

Not only are we ISO certified to the 9001:2008 Standard, but our knowledge base and experience also encompasses Aerospace, Medical and Military quality standards. Our statistician analyzes the research data obtained during investigational activities to determine optimal performance characteristics and functionality. Timely development of elastomer compounds for your product is achieved using Formulation Design software. And our Quality System ensures that the various techniques used to solve your specific challenge always follow predefined protocols

Cloud computing

Our extensive and sophisticated enterprise resource planning (ERP) system lives in the cloud, giving us a platform that’s typically only found at Fortune 500 companies. With terminals at every single work center on the floor and bar codes on every piece of material that enters and exits Hiawatha Rubber, all project-tracking and quality data is collected in real-time and stored in our cloud network.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say you were to receive a defective product. We can readily determine the component’s make-up, when and where the materials came from and who worked on each step of the project order. This significantly increases a product’s traceability from beginning to end, improves the accuracy of production to precise specs and reduces cost as a result of improved efficiency.

Case studies.

Hiawatha Rubber provides a wide range of services, but all of our customers and their personal situations are treated with the utmost professionalism and discretion. Read through our Case Studies to see what we may be able to do for you.


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We think of our business as an extension of our clients’. While other companies simply sell you a part without addressing underlying, fundamental problems, we look for OEMs who want to take a holistic view of their issues. To this end, we treat all of our relationships as partnerships—from our customers to our suppliers, we believe we must all work together to understand the systemic issues and business drivers affecting the whole. This type of collaborative process allows us to leverage the expertise of suppliers who are experts in their disciplines and technology. And it leads to unique, cost-effective solutions to our customers’ most persistent and challenging problems.


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